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Moderator michaella92  at 4 Sep 2017, 03:29

Thought they looked familiar lol. Sorry about that! Thanks for checking my error! All corrected now 😊
lindsaylohanslastfan  at 23 Sep 2017, 14:14

Moderator michaella92  at 23 Sep 2017, 14:16

Corrected - Thank you :)
intheheat247  at 14 Nov 2017, 21:40

This image is from the 1940 Tyrone Power movie, Mark of Zorro. Not the Guy Williams Sign of Zorro.  a) the image is of tyrone power; and b) the number 486 in the lower right is the production number for other stills from Mark of Zorro (1940).


Rowsdower  at 8 Dec 2017, 15:27

This costume design artwork is from Batman Forever, it is a scan from the hardback behind the scenes Batman Forever book 


charlytraveler  at 26 Dec 2017, 13:24


is not from Tarzan and his Mate. It is from Tarzan Escapes, but is already there in a bigger format.
Moderator michaella92  at 26 Dec 2017, 13:47

Corrected. Thank you! Although, they were not exact duplicates so keep both. The upload listed above has a larger frame.  
Rowsdower  at 26 Dec 2017, 21:57

The all-black robin costume illustration still needs to be moved to Batman Forever 

In Batman Forever I have found a cosplay photo that should be removed: https://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/batman-forever-i112462#9cef285b

and this photo of Chris O'Donnell is from the fourth movie, Batman & Robin: https://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/batman-forever-i112462#NA1srI

CozICan  at 12 Jan 2018, 23:26

This picture is definitely not from the first part of Resident Evil. It's from the third one, Resident Evil: Extinction.


Belongs to this movie:


CozICan  at 16 Jan 2018, 20:24

This picture does not belong to "Django Unchained":


can be deleted, because its already here:


And by the way in better quality 😛
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