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The Movie Stills Database

The purpose of the Movie Stills Database is to provide a wide collection of research material. All images are free to download as a 600 pixels wide jpeg file. If a user wants to download higher resolution images, he or she needs to contribute: one upload equals one download. This makes sures that the collection keeps constantly growing. In case someone decides or is unable to contribute to the site by uploading pictures, but stills wants to download high-resolution images, they can make a donation. All money that we receive is spent solely on the website.

We believe we do not decrease the potential market for or value of any copyrighted work. In fact, we think we might promote it! However, if you do feel that your rights as a copyright owner are negatively affected by uploads on this website, please use the contact form below and we'll remove the concerning images as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I own the copyright of a movie and I want it removed from the database. What to do? You can send an email to containing proof that you are indeed the copyright owner. If so, we will remove the pictures currently on the website as soon as possible, and will also prevent new images from being uploaded. How can I download images in their original resolution? You need credits to download images in their original resolution. You can earn credits by uploading new images (so you do not have to pay to download), or you can buy credits. Click here for more information about credits. Are credits from and interchangeable? No, these credits can only be used on the website they were purchased on. How do I become a moderator? You cannot apply for such a status. What you can do is upload good pictures. We might pick you as a new moderator after a while... I purchased credits but didn't get them. What's going on? You might need to log out and log in again. If that doesn't help your payment might have not been cleared yet. If you are sure your payment is cleared and that you did not receive the correct number of credits, please send an email to containing your PayPal email-address or the PayPal transaction ID.


Is your question not in the list? Don't hesitate to ask us directly!