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Moderator Yaut  at 22 Jul 2014, 11:22

duplicate deleted
waryrwmn  at 27 Jul 2014, 18:55


This is from the movie "Elizabeth" from her coronation, not her Golden Years. ;-)
Admin Komond  at 31 Jul 2014, 22:57

Sure, much younger Cate. Moved to correct movie and deleted, being it also a duplicate πŸ˜‰
waryrwmn  at 2 Aug 2014, 09:47

Duplicate photo on "Olympus Has Fallen" board http://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/olympus-has-fallen-i2302755

Larger version - image 1 http://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/olympus-has-fallen-i2302755/a2f8da

image 2 http://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/olympus-has-fallen-i2302755/256c8a44?c=1
Moderator Yaut  at 2 Aug 2014, 21:16

thanks, deleted πŸ˜‰
waryrwmn  at 5 Aug 2014, 02:33

I don't believe this photo http://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/the-patriot-i187393/7b524f of Tom Wilkinson is from The Patriot http://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/the-patriot-i187393 .

My reasoning is he's wearing a white t-shirt under is over shirt and they didn't wear those during the Revolutionary War, especially Lord Cornwallis. I have no clue to lead you in the direction of which movie it comes from though.
jasonhart  at 6 Aug 2014, 03:51

It's from Michael Clayton (2007)

See: http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0029895/
Moderator Yaut  at 6 Aug 2014, 07:31

thanks, moved πŸ‘
charlytraveler  at 16 Aug 2014, 20:40

This Still ist from At The EarthΒ΄s Core (1976)

Admin Komond  at 21 Aug 2014, 15:37

Thanks for your comment, already moved and deleted picture, it was also a duplicate and though it has higher resolution, it was certainly blown-up and not better than the one we have already.
drclehmann  at 3 Oct 2014, 10:41


It's Caligula ;-)
Webmaster Martin  at 3 Oct 2014, 17:02

On IMDb the primary title is Caligola...

Admin Komond  at 13 Oct 2014, 05:19

I guess it's due to the real name being Caligula, the movie in most countries being Caligula, the character in the original English speaking actors being called Caligula...

...and still the original title, being the one appearing printed on film in original country (that's the system imdb uses to name movies) is in Italian, Caligola.

I have to say that I thought too that the original Italian title was Caligula.
Moderator Pepito38  at 27 Oct 2014, 23:44


This picture should be in season 2 episode 1 :

Moderator Yaut  at 28 Oct 2014, 05:42

Hope72  at 5 Nov 2014, 19:56

This is from Serena
Admin Komond  at 5 Nov 2014, 20:55

This is from Serena
Thanks for saying, but I can't change it right now. Seems the upgrade of the site has some failure that doesn't allow me to move a picture to another movie. Will be moved to the correct one as soon as possible πŸ˜‰
Admin Komond  at 5 Nov 2014, 21:08

Fixed πŸ˜‰
Moderator Pepito38  at 23 Nov 2014, 23:15

Moderator Yaut  at 24 Nov 2014, 05:57

moved πŸ˜‰
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