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Corrected. Thanks!

This is Empire Strikes Back, not Star Wars [EP4]https://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/star-wars-i76759/pgEvaS

Moved. TY!

Shannen Doherty in this photo, not Rose McGowan


Last 4 posts corrected. Thank you for reporting!


Colette Hiller; not Cynthia Dale Scott

Rokit88 on 9 Aug 2021, 20:04: https://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/aliens-i90605/bb3acf0f

Colette Hiller; not Cynthia Dale Scott

Fixed, thanks.

https://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/star-wars-i76759/vlrZ1TShould be tagged Peter Mayhew, Harrison Ford

Rokit88 on 18 Aug 2021, 05:10: https://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/star-wars-i76759/3L2rbX

Mark Hamill tag

4x fixed, thanks.

andrewz on 18 Aug 2021, 09:21: 4x fixed, thanks.

Actually there were more Lobby Cards without actor tags; thought it was intentional so I stopped at four.

Lobby cards with the upload date of Jan 1, 2015 were not uploaded by users. Martin decided to upload to MSDB.com from his other site https://www.lobbycards.net/

They were all uploaded without tags. I have tagged and put into sets. hundreds of these lobby cards as I approve uploads from users and clean up the galleries while I'm in there.

Rokit88 if you come across this problem again, instead of reporting each lobby card in a separate post, you can use the filters in the gallery and select "lobby cards" and "set" and then post the title with the url link like this example I provided.


In the post you can say, for example...."the last 12 lobby cards need to be tagged and put into sets."

Thanks for reporting Rokit88