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Alexis Denisof is not in this photo


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Rokit88 on 11 May 2021, 05:07: No comma separating names.


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It's wrong. A dead actor wasn't in Live, Victor (2020). U need to add an another actor Michael Cimino (VII) at https://www.moviestillsdb.com/tv/love-victor-i10166602

All 41 images that were tagged incorrectly have now been corrected.


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elisastew on 31 May 2021, 23:50: This is not Elizabeth Lail but Talitha Eliana Bateman https://www.moviestillsdb.com/people/elizabeth-lail-i36312?sort=popularity&t=32090#wsODfF

I changed the tag from Elizabeth Lail to Talitha Eliana Bateman https://www.moviestillsdb.com/movies/countdown-i10039344/wsODfF