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How to add pictures for a "TV Show" promoshoot

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Moderator Pepito38 

at 12 Feb 2017, 18:52


When you upload a photo for a TV Show, you have to enter the season number and the episode number like this for example :

So, when you upload a photo for a promoshoot of a TV Show, it is almost the same. You have to enter the season number and the shoot number (instead of entering the episode number, you enter the shoot number with a "-" before the number to differentiate it from an episode number). For example, if you want to upload a photo for the shoot 2 of "Jessica Jones", it goes like this :

Please, try to enter these informations as much as possible.

Moderator Yaut 

at 12 Feb 2017, 19:57

Pepito38, perfect article 👍
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