Recent Site Update - Bugs

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Do we know what's going on with the site update? I don't see an announcement posted about it and there appear to be a number of bugs; images being cut off on Movie/TV pages, pages showing blank (mainly Disney titles - did they request a take-down?), the font is extremely small looking at the credits log, some posters at the tops of pages that were previously fine have been showing as broken images today but most have cleared up

Is everything just in a state of transition?

Disney Pages that have gone blank:

The Emperors New Groove

Beauty and the Beast

The Rescuers Down Under

Any information would be appreciated.

Okay, those 3 pages have come through now but the sidebar navigation is missing. It looks like broken images and empty pages are gradually coming back. 
Can't upload stills all I get is 'Action is unclear' surrounded by a pink bar.
The upload bug should be fixed. The website should be in a state of transition for maybe a week. The webmaster is making some adjustments. I don't know more than that.
I'm able to upload but when uploading to a TV series, episode numbers/photoshoot sets reset to blank even though I fill them in when uploading. I have to individually re-add the proper episode/photoshoot number. The season numbers are good - just episode/photoshoot are problematic. 
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