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I have send several e-mails and still I get no answer. Please send me new login details. My password is not working anymore and I send for a new one with the option don't remember password. I get no e-mail. Username is Nighthawk1973.

First, try to be sure the message has not arrived but your spam system has put it as \"unwanted messages\" or something (I don't know the name of that in English...). Hotmail do it a lot for example. I tell you because sometimes I've forgot my own password and I used that system, and it worked then, so maybe is just a protection on your email that put it apart.

If that is not the problem, one better way will be to send a personal message to Martin:

That way he will surely read it as soon as he connects. I would like to help you, but all these things are managed by Martin and I can't do anything.

Hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.
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