Upload minimum and maximum sizes

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The only place I know to look for the minimum size of a photo to upload is under the Add button. However, when you've uploaded your limit (until moderated), the warning line comes up and you're not able to see any of the info on the Add page.

So, if anyone knows the minimum size allowed for an upload, could you please let me know.🙃

i found my own answer, thank you!
Didn't know about that thing of the rules being hidden when the limit is reached... kind of unnecessary, it wouldn't hurt to be able to read them even if at the moment one is not able to upload more. Will consider that.
Good point, time ago I was going to make a little tutorial about adding images, and others details, with steps and mini pics,
I needed to read the rules to make that tutorial without mistakes and when I pressed ¨add¨ of course couldn´t see the rules because I had reached the maximmum uploads.
so it would be positive to allow the users to read the rules even if they reached the maximmum uploads 😊
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