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I''m trying to figure out what the upload limit is. I know it's only 10 at a time but is it a total of 20 and will there always be a limit?

Thanks for the help!
There's a limit for user that changes (it depends on the ratio approval/refusal) and then is a global one (we can have only 250 pictures unapproved).

The reason for the first limit is, specially the first part when it's lower, avoiding some new user uploading a lot when he/she's not even used to the site and maybe still don't know it (the kind of pictures we have, quality issues, etc).
For example is easy sometimes at first an user tries to upload many candid pictures on set, that are not allowed in the site, or a lot of blow-ups, fanmade wallpapers, posters, etc. and that new user could upload hundreds of them, and it's a pity to refuse all that work just because he/she wasn't still used to the site. With the limit the user uploads a few, we refuse them and tell him we don't approve that, and it's not so frustrating refusing 10-20 as refusing 100-200.

Limit for users later, when it's increased, and also global limit is more related to the own limits of us, moderators. We can't do this full time and it takes a lot of work (specially untagged pictures, duplicates, series with the season/chapter thing...), so this way it's always easier to manage.

About if there will always be a limit I don't know, limit can be increased or we could find some other ways to manage the issues we try to control with the limits, so of course if we find a way we think that improves this we will use it.
Thank you very much for the explanation Komond! It's much appreciated! 👍
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