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As you can see, the site has been upgraded in many ways. You can comment your thoughts, doubts and possible issues you find.
This new site is very good! I'll me to get used to! 😉
Yeah, it looks great and much improved!
Awesome! Really LOVE that you can finally see all tv show photos for a specific actor!! 👍
Still getting used to the upgrade, but I really like the new look. Nice job!
A couple things I'd still like to see get added: A warning/notification if you have already downloaded an image, a button for users to comment/flag on images that are in the wrong place or otherwise in violation of rules for mod review (rather than having to go to the forum & create a new thread for each instance).

I really like the simplified upload page, but I did like the ability to review my pending uploads to edit tags, etc. Is there still a way to do that?
Just thought I'd add that I also love the new way of uploading photos! It's much quicker and easier than the old way!
Mdew, apart from creating a thread in the forum, you can send me a private message and I'll solve it as soon as I can. Many users do that instead of using the forum. You just put the problem, the url of the movie or picture there's a problem, and I'll do it.
Anyway, with this I don't mean it's a bad idea a better way to report a problem, I just wanted to suggest you an alternative to creating a topic in the forum. But what you said it's actually an interesting idea, some report button with some option "duplicate / wrong movie / violetion of rules / blow up / other" and some comment to add some info if necessary, is that what you thought?.

About the possibility to edit after uploading, right now it's not possible (as the uploading system allows individual tagging a comment, it's not such a hurry) but it could be added in the future to actually edit wrong data or if someone still prefers it that way.

Thanks for the suggestions and I'm glad you like the new look and features 😛
Nice. Looks good. Time to explore! 👍
It will take some getting used to. 😉 The new look reminds me of Google - one loooong blob of pics. I prefer Google images with Javascript turned off, it neatly displays all the essential information - no mouse hovering needed.

And I miss the upload queue - it was a convenient way to batch-tag my uploads with actor's names, change classifications etc. and check the progress. Should I still use the "copyright info" field for messages, like "this image is a larger version of ... URL..."?

Browsing by actor's name has certainly been improved. Looks like lots of great new filtering options are in place. How about more?

- filter by image size (small - large) - already working on movieposterdb (last time I checked)

- most recent uploads for a movie - doesn't appear to be the default setting. Can be already done by "following" (it appears), but it's a drag to have to log in each time.

- filter a user's uploads by movie name - I just downloaded loads of Yaut's recent Game of Thrones uploads (and ran into the download limit of 100 pics a day 😡 ). It would be very nice to be able jump straight to his GOT contributions and sift out everything else.

- "Following" replacements of your own uploads, like following a movie - a special set for pics that have been replaced by higher-res versions.

I also like mdew's idea of a commenting/report button, though Komod has so far always had time for my PMs. 😁[/b]
Hi Draufwischer, one by one:

The upload queue will be recovered at some point, it's just not ready yet and we didn't think of it as something that need to be a hurry as now individually tagging and different type of picture can be easily be set in the upload itself. Anyway, as people can still prefer that and specially if they actually need to change something that was wrong it will be recovered in the future.

The Copyright info is a way to call the comment as we specially use it for that even in the old site, but of course it can be used to comment anything and to add info related to the picture like you did in many of your GoT uploads before. We will see the comment, use it to moderate and once it's done, we will delete it and what will remain is the copyright info and other info that could be interesting (for example your notes in those behind-the-scenes for GoT).

About your suggestions they will be studied:

- Filter by image size: could be a nice feature actually.

- Most recent uploads for a movie: usually this happens if the picture is not set into a group, so pictures in movies are ordered this way:
*Out of sets pictures (most recent to less recent) - Sets (inside the set, also most recent to less recent).
But I understand a just more recent pictures forgetting about sets could be nice also, specially on TV-Shows where they're organized:
*Season [and inside the season Episodes (and inside episodes just like movies)], so recents uploads in shows are quite easy to miss. Anyway, for your most loved movies and shows, you still have the option you said about following "Your Stream" up to 50 movies/series/persons.

- Filter users uploads by movie name: that could be nice, though for your special interest I would suggest just the follow option for the GoT series, so everytime any picture of GoT is uploaded, it will be pointed in "Your Stream". Being or not by an user of your choice, you will be able to see any upload and decide if you're interested in it or not.

- Following replacements: that would be a bit hard because we don't actually register replacements, but if you see your own "Credits log", you will see everytime a picture of yours is deleted, you will be able to see exactly the picture that was deleted if you clic on it, and that will be quite probably because a better version is uploaded. Your idea anyway is not bad and will be considered.

And yeah, no problem about the comments/reports, everytime I see a message in the inbox I answer as soon as I can so it works exactly the same way, though I understand the report button could make it more comfortable for the users, so it could be added 😛
Credits log, that's a nice feature... I see I "earned" all of 2.7 credits through downloads by other users this month. 😉 Very fairly this feature has been extended into the past, where I've earned 177.8 "lifetime" credits - wow! I'm not sure whether they've already been added to my credit account...?

I didn't at first realize I was (as an uploader) using premium features already. It's nice to be able to "select" multiple actors & find pictures of them together, but the scripts also slow down the site considerably. Not for the impatient - I'm going to use this feature with care.

Please consider bringing back the download statistics next to the image, i.e. on the page of that particular image. The credits log is something of a (text-only) replacement, but the other way you see at a glance how often that particular pic was downloaded.
The credits have been added already to your account. The select multiple actors is not the filter thing (that works even for no-users, logged out), but a way to find movies where those two actors appear: I don't know if it's not finished yet or I don't know how it works, because I've tried it know and wasn't able to do anything.

The premium features would be the ad-free and the preview that, in case you haven't notice yet, just clic on any point on the preview picture and you'll see the 100% size of that point.

About the scripts slowing the site, I didn't notice it actually, and actor filters work quite quickly. What browser and version are you using?

Tthe download statistics at least for moderators are still there. What I didn't know was that it was public in the old site.
I'm using Firefox with NoScript & other tools, so may have something to do with the slowing of scripts - I had to kill Javascript execution manually last time, because the page just wouldn't load. But right now it's working fine & fast.

Hmmm, so you didn't know the download stats were public? Yes, I think they were visible all the time to everyone, just like it still is at MovieposterDB. When I started uploading I checked them with interest and was slightly disappointed, more often than not. 😉

I think making them a premium feature isn't a very good idea. You're just taking away a cost-free means of feedback to the uploaders. Most pics don't generate a lot of downloads. What helps to keep me interested is to know that some of my efforts are appreciated. Also, it makes you look intransparent and "company-like". 😔
Well, if it works right now good then, maybe it was something temporary from your PC or the server.

About the stats well, I only can see the moderator version of the site, so I don't know what is visible or not for the rest, I just assume things in that. I thought maybe it was there to help moderation in some term. I don't think they can do any harm if public, sure. Anyway, it's not a "premium feature", if it's only for moderators then there's a crew feature actually 😛
O.k., so give us users this crew feature back... PLEASE! 😊
YESSSS, it's working again, my precioussss! 👍
YESSSS, it's working again, my precioussss! 👍
Glad you like it back 😉
Looks great, love the feature to preview before downloading, and being able to follow actors/tv shows/movies 👍
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