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Hi guys,

As you can probably see we've launched a big site update today! We've been working on this for the last couple of months and would love for you to give it a go and leave some feedback 😊

Besides the design update, the most important changes are:

- Filtering title/person galleries got a big upgrade. If there are many titles or cast members only the 10 most popular/important ones are shown on the left. All others are tucked away under the new search/filter bar, and are accessible by clicking or typing+autocomplete.
- You can now also sort title and person galleries by popularity (the new default), date, set (the old default), or episode. You can edit your sorting preference in the user settings.
- Galleries (especially those with many images) should run smoother on all devices.

630 and 7500 pixels is a bit bigoted as I tried to upload an image which measured 1200x450 which has previously been accepted and is now rejected. This new upgrade is absolute shit, why do you tech guys need to mess around with stuff that worked perfectly well before hand?

This new layout is absolute rubbish, it has got rid of the how many pictures a certain actor/actress has per film on their menu page. What is wrong with you people that you have to change something that worked so well in the past

Deleted user

31 Dec 2019, 19:09

Not sure if this is the right place, but on the Friends page, two of the main cast members aren't listed in the new top 10 actors in the sidebar. Just wanted to mention it in case it hadn't been noticed! :)

Deleted user

31 Dec 2019, 19:14

Also wondering, is it still possible to tag people? :)

Deleted user

4 Jan 2020, 21:17
Will say, definitely preferred the actors in the sidebar being sorted by number of files instead. With some shows/films now, it's very random which actors are part of the top 10.

Not very easy to find specific episodes or seasons

jimbean82 on 5 Jan 2020, 15:13: Not very easy to find specific episodes or seasons

Welcome to moviestillsdb a perfect example in how to completely screw up a well working website in one totally unnecessary and pointless update.

I don't like the new update at all, the site worked fine before this and now it is totally screwed up. Can't find basic programs and movies, you've got to go through the actors to get to them.

Ever heard of the phrase 'If it's not broken, don't fix it?'

Honestly all the negative comments about the update annoy me a bit. A lot of work and time has gone into it and I'm 100% convinced it has made the site a lot better. The website wasn't broken in 2010 either but if you lookup the design for that time it will look very shitty (same goes for any other website that exists > 10 years).

There might be some bugs here and there that me or the mods haven't caught yet, but if you encounter one please just give a (detailed) explanation and we'll try and fix it. No need to dismiss everything as being "rubbish". For example the last post above this has a comment that you can't find "basic programs and movies", while search is actually one of the things that has been improved. What titles can you not find that you could actually find easily on the 'old' website?

As for the other posts in this thread:

-Upload resolution has been fixed, 1200*450 images should be working now
-Number of pictures per movie is now visible in the advanced filter bar (when an actor has > 10 movies)
-Friends now has the 6 main actors on top, there was indeed a bug with sorting certain actors/tags
-"Not very easy to find specific episodes or seasons" this is working exactly the same as before the update

What is the point of delaying download time? I’ve followed many actors and movies and an instant-download system can reduce my works. The update is not helping but making difficulties, how brilliant.

I dig the site's set-up. Any chance of an update that puts 'Promotional Art' as one of the categories you can search through? To my knowledge, there's no current mechanism on the site for this.


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