Rings of power..

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Looking for this still from rings of power in a high resolution if anyone can post it on this site.

It's the image of a ship entering Numenor..

A link to the image is below.Downloding the image on the link only provides a low resolution image was looking for a more higher one like the ones posted on this site.

The ship is by the overpass with the 2 statues on the side might have to scroll through other images on link to get to the one I am referring to..

Thank you for anyone who has any suggestions or can help.


The first link I provided was broken sorry .The one above works.The image I am looking for in high resolution is the 7th image going down the article on that link the one right after the bridge scene.

Sorry 8th image going down article..

2nd image after Bridge scene.

Maybe was right first time ..

7th image 2nd one after bridge scene by village.

Changed the URL and now it's HQ: click here and here

Thx Michaella

I'm looking for a high resolution still of the first link you adjusted for me, the one with the ship entering Numenor. Really appreciate you fixing access to it for anyone that can help with my request.Much appreciated!

Just realized You Improved the definition of it Michaella, sorry I missed that . THANK YOU!..

but if anyone can provide a link to a still That's even higher quality as far as resolution on that image would greatly appreciate it ...

though what you did definitely is the best I have so far I believe.

Thx again

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