Tagging after upload ?

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2 Dec 2008, 22:44
Would it be possible to change the upload section, so you can tag pictures after you've uploaded them, but before you add them to the site ?
I mean like you first upload them with the correct info like imdb nr ext. except the tags and after the upload you get a small preview where you can add a tag.
because when i bulk upload can't see the picture first to know who's on it.
It would encourage much more to tag pictures imo if it could be done after the upload with a preview pic.
But i'm not sure if thats a huge change in the upload section, I hope Martin can look in to it  😊 👍

Greets voetzoeker

Martin  Webmaster

2 Dec 2008, 23:03
I think another user also requested this feature and the way you explain it makes a lot of sense..So I guess I can do a nice 'My pending uploads' page 😊

Ben je Nederlands trouwens 😉?


2 Dec 2008, 23:05
Ok geweldig (great) 😍

ja dus 😁

Martin  Webmaster

2 Dec 2008, 23:07
It will take a while however since I'm busy studying and some other stuff...

Grappig 😊
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