Soooo... Are we uploading Posters now?

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These recent uploads of key art for the Harry Potters films have caught my attention. Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea - I just upped a few of them myself - but we are skimming the borders between "posters" and pictures here... or aren't we?

I'd like to know where that dividing line is, exactly. Nowadays, 9 times in 10, a poster is a photoshopped and slightly "enhanced" collage of still images with some text on top. Remove that text and you have the "key art". But if the textless art is not to hand, why not just upload the original poster? Is the picture in the background somehow less valid, especially if it's rather rare, like some Oscar ads?

These aren't the only examples, but especially for the Harry Potter films people have been uploading collages, montages and artsy ads. You're also getting closer to fan art territory.
Well, key art posters that are not "too complex" and look like a promo are approved. Many promos are so photoshopped that could be a poster but just no one put the text and credits for them promotionally. Of course this could be a grey area, but also we have cases like this:

Would this be a poster:
And this a promo?:
The only important difference is actually the framing, it would be really strange to consider the second one a promo because it's not cut as a poster and refuse the first one.

What I will always ask for is the title and credits are not photoshopped out, if I see the slightless trace of photoshopped credits they're out.

About the thing you put as artsy ads yeah... I think maybe I didn't doo a lot of good choice in 2009 approving that and I will delete them. They're in fact posters for some annuary, thanks for the advice. About fanart, If fanart enters the site is a mistake and should be deleted.

The division between sites is the same than when we started. Movieposterdb is specialized in posters itself, and can include some promos when they're used to make the poster for example, and also key art for posters. We are specialized in stills, promos, wallpapers and lobby cards, and we might include key art for posters that look like a too photoshopped promo but are not "complex" editions with squares with faces and stills and things like that.

Of course, there's always doubts and grey areas, and now I understand your FYC uploads, but the complex poster edition FYC have, full of text and credits, designed to be posters in every meaning... that's out of the grey area for example. If you find the key art for them without the texts, they would be include without a second of doubt (if it's not just photoshopped out, of course).
Thanks for your clarification. Have you compared notes with the mods at MovieposterDB, by the way? It would be interesting to hear their point of view. (MovieposterDB used to be one of my favorite sites, until they thew all the unofficial art out - which was in many cases better that the "original" poster "art".)

About the FYC... well, yeah... since I've never seen or touched a REAL For-your-consideration/Oscar ad - I'm not from the US - I couldn't judge if these are reproductions of posters or rather, say, magazine ads. But I'm leaning towards the latter since I've never seen a high-res version of any of these ads. If they were really poster size, don't you think there would be hi-res versions... somewhere?

You rejected them, and that's fine with me. But I personally still think they're closer to still images than all of the textless Potter posters that you accepted. They're simply stills with a little text. But - to each his own. 😉
Draufwischer: for unofficial movie posters you could go to Repostered! 😊
Well, FYC are sometimes posters or maybe more accurate, magazine ads or flyers (though I think I also show some photo of them framed in walls in movie festivals). Anyway, I really don't dissagree and maybe FYC even could fit better here (along with other small promo material as Lobby Cards, printed Publicity Stills/Promos...) than in MoviePosterDB, but thinking they're pretty much usual in MoviePosterDB and I think people usually didn't complain about them there it's ok to let it that way.

Textless can be considered to fit both sites in many cases, the FYC issue probably would be more a one site thing, a FYC is always clearly a FYC, a textless can sometimes be just a promo, sometimes too obviosly a poster... but a FYC has to include the text saying "FYC Best Movie", "Consider Best Actress", etc, it's clearly a closed category.

By the way, I also loved the unofficial but professional and artistic posters and prefer them to many amateur wannabe that is usually easier to find, but as Martin said, in Repostered there's a pretty nice collection of those pretty designs.
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