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I can't... if there's no other difference in the name but the accent, I will have to put her a -II- mark. Then the shown name would show the `, but there no way to have a tag "michele morgan" and a tag "michèle morgan".

Thanks for noticing that πŸ˜‰

Edit: OK, won't work. The Michele Morgan without the accent is II in imdb and the I is an art department (we won't have problems with her probably, just one movie). Michèle will be (I) and Michele will be (II).
Thanks, added, I didn't see her at all πŸ˜‰
(Sean Astin is in fact Dominic Monaghan)

(There is no Viggo Mortensen)

Sometimes Doubles are mis-tagged as the actor usually playing that role. What is to do with those?

And what about extras (people without greater relevance)? If they are not tagged, but their name is known, what should be done?
In that picture I deleted Viggo and all the rest, as they're all from behind and could be actually them or they doubles or anyone. Maybe some of the hobbits could be tagged... but I'm not sure who is who at least with that quality in the picture.

Usually we aim to tag recognizable people. If the double is known and recognizable he/she can be tagged (though probably being recognizable will make the picture a behind-the-scenes instead of a publicity still). The same with extras you know the name (if they're on focus, of course, not if they're a blurry in the background of the picture). If you don't know someone then no problem of course, you can't always tag absolutely everyone.

But remember to focus on recognizable people (sometimes we do exceptions for some masked actors and some CGs, but not the usual thing), and quite focused in the picture. The intention is to tag the kind of pictures someone looking for pictures of the actor would like to get, and usually that doesn't include the backs, just the legs of some picture, doubles or possible doubles, blurry pictures where you can only recognize the actor barely.

Maybe if at some point we add the character tag somehow, we could study to include those because the character is recognizable for things apart from their faces and from their backs more easily, and no matter who's characterizing them in that specific moment.
Thanx for this information πŸ˜‰ It's always good to have a guideline.
not Katrina Law, this is Erin Cummings
for example promo
(dress, bandage on the leg)
Thanks, fixed πŸ˜‰
this is Kyle Rowling, not Andy Whitfield 😊
Yeah, you're right. Fixed πŸ˜‰

George Lucas & Howard Kazanjian, not Rick McCallum.
Thanks, you're right, I've changed it now πŸ˜‰

Plz remove text "Slightly higher detail than http://www.moviestillsdb...." from image description.
Done. Thanks for reporting
wrong tag "Stallone" 😊
And duplicated also. Thanks, tag deleted πŸ˜‰
where here is Sylvester Stallone ???
predators' planet
I think it's Still, not wallpaper
Thanks all changed, there was no Stallone in those pictures of course. And I also think it's still, maybe promo, but surely no wallpaper. Thanks πŸ˜‰