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2x corrected. Thank you!

Deleted. Thanks!

2 sets created. Thanks!

You're right, they are duplicates but there is 1 difference. I approved the pending and put it in that set even though they look the same. The one uploaded by timothy2 is bigger but has something on the top right hand corner whereas Piftu's upload is smaller but doesn't have that on his image and all the other images in that set don't have that on there images either, only timothy2's and that's why I decided to keep them all. :)

Deleted. Thanks

Deleted one; the other is a slightly different crop.

2x corrected. Thank you!

Corrected. Thanks!

uploaded this as there's a colour difference, not sure if the site tends to keep both, but this one's the original colouring + brightness. just wanted to mention in case both are wanted.


Your upload was deleted as a duplicate and that was the correct decision at the time. However, I did a side by side comparison and your upload has more detail and I'll trust you that it's the original since I can't access CW from my region. Only yours will be up as we try to delete all images that are considered duplicates as is the case here.

Thank you for reporting.