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Sheila Terry

Sheila Terry was born March 5, 1910, as Kay Clark, in Warroad Minnesota, USA.  She attended the Dickson-Kenwin academy and studied dramatics and later moved to New York where she continued her studies.  While part of the cast of The Little Racketeer, she was signed by a Warner Bros. talent scout. During the 1930s she appeared alongside John Wayne in a number of western films including Haunted Gold, 'Neath the Arizona Skies, and the Lawless Frontier.  She also appeared in 20,000 Years in Sing Sing and Madame Butterfly.In her personal life she was first married to Major Laurence E. Clark on August 16, 1928 but that relationship only lasted less than six years and she was divorced in February 16, 1934.  Later that decade in 1937 she married William Magee and shortly afterwards retired from show business.  She worked as a press agent for 15 years. She died January 19, 1957. in New York City, from an apparent suicide; and it was discovered that she was completely broke.  She was buried in Hart Island (Potter's Field) Cemetery, New York.

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