Moderator michaella92 is abusing her position as a moderator.

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at 3 Jul 2017, 01:49

AND TO CLARIFY A COPY OF THIS HAS BEEN SENT TO THE ADMINISTRATOR OF THIS SITE.The Good Place From michaella92 - Jun 27, 2017 "Hi, Jonboy. For any future "The Good Place" uploads could you kindly include season one when uploading. It's very time-consuming for us mods to add in seasons since we have to change the season on each image instead of users including that in when they upload 10 images at a time. There is currently only one season of "The Good Place", just as an FYI. Thanks in advance, Michaella92"My reply Re: The Good Place To michaella92 - Jun 27, 2017 "There is currently only one season of "The Good Place" Then it doesn't matter seeing as there unlikely to be a second, thanks."Her reply Re: The Good Place From michaella92 - Jun 27, 2017 "Best of luck getting your uploads approved! I will not be approving your uploads if you don't have respect. I was a user long before a mod & have respect for the people who give their free time to help run this site. Your only spiting yourself here, Jonboy! I asked one simple request & you give me a snot-nosed retort. I'm not going to put up with your bs like the previous mods who you walked all over. I have zero patience for some guy making rude comments while sitting behind a computer screen (only the easiest way to try to be a bully - try being the operative word).Best of luck, Michaella92"


at 3 Jul 2017, 01:56

This can all be verified by Martin checking the PM traffic between myself and Michaella, for everything there is an audit trail.


at 3 Jul 2017, 02:39

I have just seen this and thought I would reply. This moderator has form for doing this just look at the message she sent me (see below) in which she stated that approval of stills was a privilege if I didn't meet her terms. It's like she had claimed a personal fiefdom over the Quantico section and if you didn't obey her rules any stills would be rejected. This is what stopped me from uploading here for a while the narcissistic behaviour of this moderator. No where does it state in the rules that one should enter the season and episode number of every still, it is just a suggestion. This is nothing but an abuse of power and I advise anyone else who has suffered this to come forward, this cannot be tolerated and demands admin action."From michaella92 - May 9, 2017Hi! I have approved your Quantico stills as a courtesy but please make sure that any future Quantico uploads at least have the season. Since there is only 2 seasons to choose from, it shouldn't be hard. You can use the site I provided which info is open to the public ( I will be uploading Quantico stills myself to organize the Quantico page.Thanks, Michaella92"


at 3 Jul 2017, 02:50

Addendum: Subsequently to me getting the above message a lot of Quantico stills began appearing uploaded by who else but Michaella92. It was like I had started trespassing on someone else's territory and they thought that they had a divine rule to upload those stills only and had the market cornered.

Moderator michaella92 

at 3 Jul 2017, 06:45

"May 8th, 2017 Hi, Zerohedge! Thank you for your uploads! Can you add seasons/episode numbers to your Quantico uploads, please? Also, let me know which season/episode your previous uploads are from? The Quantico page is getting pretty messy without that info.Thanks in advance, Michaella"You were uploading duplicates & having us mods search through dozens of unsorted pics, taking a great deal of time away from approving other user's uploads. You guys wanted better approval time & you got exactly that (typical approval time is 24-48 hours now with myself personally spending 1-2 hours per day approving & organizing uploads). All I have ever asked is for apperception & respect for all the time & effort I spend helping out. Every other user has shown me great appreciation & respect. Thank you all for that! This is such a great community!
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