Clarification between Publicity Stills, Promo Shots, Etc

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Admin Komond  at 18 Apr 2014, 11:32

Publicity Still is a picture made on set where no part of the crew is seen, and actors are not posing to the camera. They look just as a capture of a moment of the movie. Screencaptures can be here too but only if they are official (if there's some not official one, is just a mistake of mod team, tell us).

Behind the Scenes are all pictures made on set that doesn't belong to the Publicity Still category because there's crew on picture, actors posing, green/blue screens not digitalized yet.

Pre-production are pictures of the work made on the movie that's not on set, that includes designs, blueprints, mockups, dress/costume, empty scenarios, make-up...

Promo shoot are pictures where usually actors and sometimes members of the crew appear clearly posing in a photoshoot, usually having plain coloured backgrounds or part of the scenario. These are usually the unedited pictures that are later used to make posters or other kind of promotional art.

Promotional art includes pictures of the actors highly edited, CG...

Wallpapers are any official (and only official) picture made with the intention of being used as an screen background (for PC, tablet or smartphones). Remember, the wallpaper must be official as a wallpaper, any official picture cropped to wallpaper size is still an official (but modified) picture, but it's not an official wallpaper.

Lobby Cards were (there are lobby cards today but not that much) printed sets used in theatres to promote films (posters not included). They usually appear in sets of 8 pictures (though can be from 6 to 12) usually numbered that have some design unifications, like a frame containing a publicity still. There's too the title lobby card that leads the set and has a design similar to a half-sheet (horizontal) poster, and those are accepted in this page too as a part of the full set.

Francis07  at 17 Jul 2014, 16:04

Thank you for these definitions. I'm brand new here, and this is exactly what I needed to know.
hilts  at 27 Jul 2017, 23:21

There are some uploads of screen grabs from DVD's on here. Are these permitted as they are not proper stills?
Moderator michaella92  at 28 Jul 2017, 00:46

Hi, Hilts! Can you provide links, please? Home-made screen grabs are not permitted but sometimes there are official ones made by the production team that are high enough quality for MovieStillsDB. Thanks!
hilts  at 28 Jul 2017, 10:42

So official ones are likely to be from recent movies?

Here's one. There are some more black and white like this from the same film.
Moderator michaella92  at 28 Jul 2017, 14:45

It all depends but yes, most official ones are from modern day.

Those seem fine to me. It's not the quality of the pics from the remake of course but they seem fine for a movie made in the 50's. Please let me know if there are other examples or if we can assist you further. Thanks!
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