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at 9 Feb 2014, 22:54

How long does it take for stills to be moderated? I have a boat load to upload, but I reached my limit, how long do we have for them to be moderated?

Admin Komond 

at 10 Feb 2014, 03:50

There's no specific time, I always try it to be the less possible but sometimes it may take a bit longer than usual. It also depends on the movie and how the picture came. Having the pictures tagged and in the correct season/episode when it's a TV-show helps. Sometimes even with that some may take longer, as yours, because they usually go to movies that have many pictures, so I have to first try to see if there is any duplicate of them, and after that, comparing both pictures to see which one is actually better (not just approving by trusting the numbers).Sorry about delay this week, I'm a bit more busy outside the website and it certainly affected the good rythm of approval I've had last month when everything was smoother.


at 10 Feb 2014, 03:52

Okay. That answers my question. Thank you for the explanation. 😊


at 14 May 2014, 21:30

Hi,I wanted to upload some pics, but there are still pics to moderated, so I can't upload new ones.Could someone please look at them?Thanks.

Admin Komond 

at 17 May 2014, 16:27

I've just read this so it's already solved, as I see only have one pending picture sent by you (and it won't take long). Sorry for the delay when approving those 😉


at 8 Feb 2016, 17:39

Great site!! 👍 Only snag is waiting for pics to approved and also the upload limit.
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