Sort By TV or Movie?

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9 Nov 2009, 00:15
Can we have an option to sort through the photos by exclusively looking at TV Shows or Movies, instead of having to go through the TV shows first to get to the movies. Something like adding "TV Show" to the browse bar:

Martin  Webmaster

9 Nov 2009, 22:15
Very good idea, will try to make that soon 😊.

edit: decided to do it right away 😊


10 Nov 2009, 04:48
My next suggestion is having the ability to pick how many movies/shows per page show up. Right now, I think that number displayed is very low.


17 Dec 2009, 03:11
Another idea - how about being able to select what letter you want to browse? Like clicking on 'A', would select all movies starting with 'A', and so on.
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