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slidemen  Moderator

10 Apr 2018, 08:08
I get the concept that higher resolution stays, and other images get deleted, but when 98 images are deleted over night, it is quite frustrating.  I try to post as much as I find the time to, and it is quite time consuming... looking through lists on imdb to find the right face of an actor I don't know for tagging, finding new images, checking if they are not already listed. That's fun sometimes but it also is kind of "work".  When all this work for 100 images is gone and made for nothing, just because someone posted the same image in 4000x3000 instead my image in 3000x2000 (just an example), then I am beginning too loose interest to do all this work.

Wouldn't it be more fair to just take away a half credit when someone updates a existing image with a higher resolution one?

Just a thought, because I am quite frustrated that so many hard earned credits are just gone.
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