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5 Sep 2009, 16:18
There are two lobby cards for \"Smokey and the Bandit\" in my pending uploads - for over a month now. Is this an error?
Can the mods see the pictures in my account?

Oh and can somebody tag the following picture with \"mike henry\":
And for this picture of \"The Countess\", the tag \"daniel bruhl\" (aka Daniel Brühl) could be added:

Komond  Admin

6 Sep 2009, 14:38
It was not really a mistake, they are incomplete talking about tags, but I guess none of us know who is in the picture really, so I will add them as not fully tagged. You know, sometimes people sends everything without tagging and you don't know if they didn't even bother to look, if it's too difficult, if they are only extras...

I've tagged those you said, it was strange it was locked btw, it was clear one wasn't tagged, hope there are not too many locked by mistake.
And well, I added Daniel Bruhl, but I deleted Julie... it's just a silhoutte and not clearly recognizable.

Thank you for telling 😉


6 Sep 2009, 17:09
Yeah, everything's fine now. Thanks!
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