Approvals Delay - 8+ days

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21 Nov 2017, 21:26
I uploaded images 8+ days ago that have not yet been approved. As a result, I am have been unable to upload additional photos in that timeframe as Ive been capped.  However, I have seen dozens of images added by others dated more recently.  Could my queue somehow be clogged?

michaella92  Moderator

21 Nov 2017, 23:19

Hi, intheheat247! Can you please add actor tags (tag all actors who appear in the image) to the lobby cards you uploaded? We can't accept uploads unless they are tagged. Once tagged, I'll make sure your uploads are approved right away 😁


22 Nov 2017, 22:11
Should we not upload stills or lobbycards where the images are of supporting actors and not identifiable to tag?  If we inadvertently upload without actor tag, how do we modify to add tag while in the queue?  thanks!
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