New film stills delayed one week before download access?

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skanky7 at 10 Mar 2017, 11:30

I have noticed you have started to delay a user being able to download new images in the first week until they have been approved.

As it stands you have sets of stills from the same movie - some available, some not. I have no interest in seeing images that cannot be downloaded - there appears to be no way of telling which images can be downloaded other than clicking on it, only to find it is not available?

Is it possible to for you to either enable a filter?

Maybe within each logged-in user settings you could offer a toggle switch which allows/disables displaying images that are still awaiting approval?
Failing that, It would be useful in the "explore" search mode, if when searching "recently added stills", there was an option to search "recently made available to download stills?

TheCollector at 10 Mar 2017, 23:25

I agree this is just a bad way to do things. These images shouldn't be available to even see until they're downloadable.
I mean what's the point in having new images on the front page, if you can't even download them for another week, by which point you might forget they went up.
Moderator Pepito38 at 10 Mar 2017, 23:41


Please can you confirm that you actually can see images that has not been accepted yet ? Is the problem new ?

If that is the case, I have to inform the webmaster because it is an important bug.

TheCollector at 11 Mar 2017, 00:21

Every single still uploaded lately has this on the page where the download button normally would be.

New uploads can't be downloaded yet in the first week after they are approved.
Moderator Pepito38 at 11 Mar 2017, 00:37

Ok.... I wasn't aware....

I will try to contact the webmaster about this issue.
skanky7 at 15 Mar 2017, 18:25

Any luck with the webmaster yet Pepito38?

New images are still showing as not available for download.

I have no problem with the week delay - i just don't want them mixed up with the downloadable images.

I agree with TheCollector - having the these images displayed as "recently added" means that by the time they are released for download they will have been forgotten about by users who use the "recently added" search method to browse images.

Moderator Pepito38 at 16 Mar 2017, 01:08

I sent the request to martin and komond. No answer yet.
Moderator Pepito38 at 18 Mar 2017, 17:44

So, I got an answer and the download restriction for the first week after approval is intended.

I sent another message to submit your idea to not mix the donwloadable images with the new ones until the restriction time is over.
skanky7 at 21 Mar 2017, 13:10

Hi Pepito38.

Thanks for your help in this.

Hope they change it :-)
stewie at 13 Jul 2017, 15:12

Hi Pepito,

This one week delay thing isn't really working for me.
I use the EXPLORE-RECENTLY ADDED TAB to view new material, I can SEE the new images but having to wait a week before i can DOWNLOAD them means they get forgotten about & pushed several pages back down the queue.

Could you ask the powers that be if they'd consider having an option to add items to a "shopping basket" or "download waiting queue"? That way you could select the newly added thumbnail images as they are added & download the hi-res once they become available? That way they don't get lost & forgotten about.

Moderator Pepito38 at 17 Jul 2017, 00:09

Hello stewie,

I sent a message to Martin today. No answer yet.

As soon as I know something, I will let you know.

stewie at 18 Jul 2017, 14:58

Many thanks Pepito.
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