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9 Jul 2009, 21:10
It would be great to have a filter option like on PosterDB.
I would love to be able to do a promo still search or lobby card search ?


Komond  Admin

9 Jul 2009, 23:37
Well, we have that division for separated movies that helps a bit, but I understand what you say. It would be nice for example to have only promos for an actor, or only lobby cards 1910-1950. It would be better when we have more pictures, and I think that's something we already thought and talked about, but wasn't one of our priorities (we are trying to do first things that could be difficult to add later, once the pictures are updated, or things that make the upload easier and quicker).

But of course, that a really good suggestion lots of people would love we could have sooner or later. Thx for it, that help us to know people would like to see it 😉


10 Jul 2009, 10:17
thanks for the reply
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