Larger / Higher Res Images

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9 Jul 2009, 16:14
Some of the galleries are getting quite large and it must be difficult for the moderators to check if an image is new or an upgrade. Why don't you give the person uploading some responsibility for checking first and provide a tick box for them to indicate that a smaller image already exists.

Komond  Admin

9 Jul 2009, 23:30
It sounds nice, I guess the problem is that most of the people that doesn't look won't put the tick and that means we have to look anyway. Of course it could be useful to be sure there is one and look closer.

I even think it would be nice you have some way to tell us which picture is the one you upgrade. We could think about that I guess, but Martin is out and is the one that has to decide if programming that is worthy the time and effort.

I've think we could include this into some other thing I propose, so I will talk with him about this when he's back, and it depends in other things yet to be done in the page, but the suggestion is pretty good, so thank you for it 😉
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