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4 Jul 2016, 02:40
I'm a little lost since I uploaded while I waited for approvals but I think I have some of 'The Magicians' that hasn't been approved yet. Or they were approved and I couldn't tell which was which.

Is there a way a mod can check for me and let me know which ones they were so I can keep an eye on them better? The /log section doesn't really keep me up to date on them since I do upload a bit and have a few series I am covering at one time.

Is there anything I can do to help you guys? I think I tagged them correctly but I can't be too sure.

I'm not trying to be impatient or anything. Take as long as you need to approve them, I just need to know which ones I need to keep an eye on. Thank you. 😊

(I also hope this is in the right section, if it isn't feel free to move the topic and I apologize greatly.)

Yaut  Moderator

4 Jul 2016, 18:45
Now I don't see your unmoderated images! no one! all accept


5 Jul 2016, 18:09
Thank you so much! I thought I had some. This helps loads.
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