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3 Jul 2016, 12:14
how i can add images?

Yaut  Moderator

3 Jul 2016, 21:52


9 Jul 2016, 18:45
Tutorial for add images please


10 Jul 2016, 05:19
I am not a moderator, but if admins have no problem I could prepare something for tomorrow.

Yaut  Moderator

10 Jul 2016, 15:57
Kike72, maybe this?


23 Jul 2016, 02:02
Is there something wrong with this website, three days and nothing approved why did I bother joining?


26 Oct 2016, 08:33
I'm having an "Add" problem, too. The Upload-button does nothing - likely because I don't have Flash installed.

Seriously, who in their right mind, in 2016, uses Flash unless you absolutely have to for an outdated website?

Which reminds me, the forum has some spam threads that could do with a little cleaning...
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