Question about old uploads!

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4 Jun 2016, 01:02
First of all, I love this site and the way it works 😊

I have a question!
I uploaded a lot of pictures and a lot of them were accepted! (i thank you for that 😁)
I have 0 deleted uploads and 0 rejections, but there are 37 pictures not accepted yet,
but other pictures from those batches were accepted, I wanted to know if those 37 pics
have the chance to be moderated or they are lost and wonΒ΄t be seen by the mods.

I am not complaining at all! I just need to know if those pics have a future πŸ˜‰

thanks for everything and please continue with the great work!!!

Pepito38  Moderator

4 Jun 2016, 01:18
Hi, don't worry, they are not lost ^^


4 Jun 2016, 01:22
hjajha thank you Pepito 😊
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