WebService or XML API?

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1 May 2009, 08:41
I want to show the pictures on a mash up, is their a possibility to show them using an xml interface or something like that?

Martin  Webmaster

1 May 2009, 15:49
No, not yet. Maybe I'll create such a feature later. I don't know yet.


1 Aug 2009, 17:11
What about fetching all the images from the site and use them as a local copy ?? Thats allowed ? Of course we can wait for your feeds but fetching with a simple php script is as easy as 123 ..

Martin  Webmaster

1 Aug 2009, 17:17
Hmm I don't like that idea to much, because you could just fetch our whole collection then. What kind of mashup are you guys talking about?
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