Why some of my pictures are approved and some not?

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23 Apr 2009, 05:55
Why some of the pictures that I upload are approved very quickly and some take a long time?


23 Apr 2009, 18:09
I've just had a look at your pending uploads, basically because they aren't tagged or fully tagged with the actor/actresses it is going to take longer. I personally don't know who are in the pictures so until a mod that does know comes on they and tags them they will stay unapproved. If you know who are in the pictures then you can tag them which will speed up the approval.


24 Apr 2009, 00:51
Hm...I didn't know that. I have started to upload pictures a few time ago. From now I'll try to tag all my pictures.


26 Apr 2009, 12:55
I've noticed untagged pictures and added a tag when I've known the actor concerned. Could you create a 'Who's Who' gallery so that other users might supply the information if the moderators cannot? Also, some days ago, I queried the uploading of studio released hi-res screencaps on the 'Where do we draw the line?' section of the forum but have not received a reply.
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