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13 Mar 2009, 16:38
When you search for an actor/actress should the search show all the photos that person is in. I've put in jared padalecki and it shows the films but not ALL the pictures that he is in. eg Supernatural, he is probably in about 100 pics.

Komond  Admin

14 Mar 2009, 01:03
Yeah, that happens only with tv-series, as you can see in the rest of the titles the \"all pictures\" for an actor in a movie appears. I guess this has something to do with the season/chapter option that may makes everything a bit more complicated than movies for showing just one actor in them. In movies the system works perfectly for all actors so the preview just show 4 but clicking the show all all the pictures tagged for that actor in that movie appear correclty.

I'm not sure but I guess I once told Martin about it and this was one of the things in the list. He will be more concrete about this than me I guess 😛
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