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23 Sep 2014, 16:18
It's disheartening to work on photos and names to upload to find out when you're finally finished that they won't upload because of a 200 max upload @ 1 time. Is there any way to fix the software to save those 10 photo spaces once someone has started the process so they can finish their hard work without worrying and making mistakes trying to hurry to beat someone else for the spots?

Komond  Admin

1 Oct 2014, 22:45
Certainly it should tell before doing anything that the limit is already reached, I thought it was that way already. Of course, it has to be frustrating to do the effort of upload, tag, just to find after that you can't upload.

I'm really sorry about that. First comment about it, so thanks a lot for comment on the issue.

Martin  Webmaster

2 Oct 2014, 14:29
Sorry about that, it shouldn't happen again. If it does please let me know


8 Jan 2016, 04:43
"ADD Photo" on mobile version of the website.
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