Having problems uploading pics

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1 Aug 2013, 21:16
I'm having some problems uploading photos. When I try to upload them, everything works fine and it acts like I uploaded them, but then they aren't added and don't show up in my credits log. I uploaded like 60 photos last night before I realized it. : P

Komond  Admin

1 Aug 2013, 21:49
Yeah, there's some issue with uploading for everyone right now. We just realized about it less than an hour ago, I didn't know it was happening since last night though, because when I entered the site this morning there were many pictures pending (130, average thing I usually find) and I just thought everything was normal and working fine, I guess those were the last someone was able to upload.

Martin does now know about the issue, at the moment it's better to don't upload anything and wait.

Martin  Webmaster

1 Aug 2013, 22:46
Can somebody try again? It works for me now

Komond  Admin

1 Aug 2013, 22:57
Works for me now at least.

Carlito  VIP

1 Aug 2013, 23:04
Yes, it's working Martin

Thank you


2 Aug 2013, 02:33
It's working for me again now too. 😊 Thanks
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