Movie profiles that need to have more sets

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As a way to remind mods the movies that have too many pictures and need to have more sets, I put this sticky for having all those suggestions together. That way it will be easier for me to remind them.

Movies suggested:
- King Kong (Jackson's)
- Basic Instinct 2
- Mad Max 2

Done recently:
- Amadeus (1984)
Please make the following images from Mary Poppins (1964) a set:





Set created. Thank you :)
Great! Please add 0j3lnB & QFAhUw to this set.

Please make 7fe794169d94 & e44281 a set.

Please make fc93ff & 8c865e a set.

All done. Thanks a ton 😁
Please group these as well: 5a5a5d & 105d08

And these:

1b916d5f & bb2ec3cf

Both sets created. Thanks :)
Please group the following: f053c268c4d318vSFMTI & hBdlt7
Grouped. Thank you! 
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