Button Execute?

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25 Aug 2012, 14:02
Hi everyone.
I want ask you: why there's a button "Execute" at the end of the pending uploads?
When we (the members) have to press it?
Thanks, great site!😕😕

Komond  Admin

26 Aug 2012, 00:40
I didn't make it and I can't access that specific version of the pending, but I guess the intention is upload changes. I guess they are:

- Change type Publicity still/Promo/Behind-the-scenes/Wallpapers/Lobby Cards
- Add, change or delete tags

For example, you prefer to upload everything and, after uploading, tag the pictures. You just add the names in the pending page and then, push Execute, so they will be saved. Or some users realize they upload something wrong by mistake and put in tags texts like:
"delete this picture delete this picture" or "delete delete delete delete" or any other like that, so we know it and delete it quicker.

Anyway, I'm just telling you as I think it is, as I don't know that page and is Martin the webmaster who knows how it really works.


26 Aug 2012, 13:11
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