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29 Nov 2008, 00:48
How about if we could add magazine covers? There are heaps of magazine around the world especially Empire that has lot of cool covers (The Joker eg.) and I think it would be cool to add them here on this site (or maybe another)?

How 'bout it? 👌

Komond  Admin

8 Dec 2008, 17:12
Sorry, I wasn't for the forum a lot and this have been for too long withouth and answer.

About the cover, itself, better no. I mean, you think there are some covers that are cool and that's ok, but then we wouldn't stop receving any cover and all that. But, what you can send is the clean version of the cover (textless and without other pictures), I mean, the promo used for the cover. In copyright notes you can put it is a promo made for a magazine, if it was an specific photoshoot for that cover.


11 Dec 2008, 08:26
Ok yeah thats cool. I just thought it would be cool. Thanks anyway.
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