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After searching in the Dune photos, I thought that any category available for a title appeared at the top of the search.

(Noticed that Denis Villeneuve's Dune has more categories than any other title I had seen previously. 5 categories are listed in the search feature: Still, pre-prod, promo, official screen caps, bts)

Looking for Deadwood (2004) photos, search features offered 3 categories: Promo, stills and bts. I've missed a photo that was a promotional art.

Checked Dune, and there's promotional art as well. Despite 5 categories available for Dune, promotional art isn't one of them.

Is there a way to search for promotional art?

Also, how do we know all the categories available for a title?


Here's a little trick to get all promotional artwork:

Each category is given a specific url code.

For example, all BTS has "c=4" at the end of the url. All promotional artwork has "c=6"

For Dune promotional artwork is

For Dune BTS is:

Hope that help 😊

Thanks a lot for your help 😊

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