Cant download image

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I just signed up and bought credits so that I can download some Revenge of the Sith stills but it doesn't give me an option to download. Please fix this issue, I need these photos asap or else I want a refund.

Please contact for further assistance. 

Thanks for numerous reports of this issue. It is well documented now that stills of various Star Wars titles are missing "Download" button. Unfortunately, we as moderators who manage these forums cannot do anything – only our administrator Martin (accessible via or contact form) can.

That doesn't mean that the issue will be resolved for sure since its originator might actually be Disney (current owner of Lucasfilm which produced Star Wars) and their strict copyright policies. As MovieStillsDB doesn't own copyrights, our database is deprived of content whose copyright owner sent us takedown notice, although most common result is that the gallery is not accessible at all (as is the case of Fifty Shades of Grey for example).

Hopefully our admin will clarify the situation over time. He was already notified. Nevertheless, I cleaned the thread and I'm locking it for now.

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