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7 May 2011, 00:02
I´ve been trying to get some attention from a mod cause I had 15 pictures of X Men First Class waiting for approval and they´ve dissapeared. Also I have 5 more pictures pending for 15 days and no news. Please I need credits, can anybody help me?


1 Jul 2011, 19:14
Pictures will disappear? Oh no! I'm worrying about the 40 pictures that I uploaded with no news! Since I've spent a lot of time to tag the people in those 40 pictures, and it's a big job. If they all disappear, then I will crazy.😔

Martin  Webmaster

1 Jul 2011, 20:03
Certainly nothing disappears for no reason. All your uploads are approved now. We love higher quality by the way if you have it ;-)
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