Incorrect IMDb number...

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7 Nov 2010, 23:47
Are mini-series not allowed? I keep getting this error message for title 0080270. Thanks


8 Nov 2010, 21:27
0253113 Growing pains the movie doesn't work either...

Komond  Admin

11 Nov 2010, 02:57
Sorry for delay. I've already fixed those two I guess, I had to create them manually. I think something in imdb has changed and that's why some tv-movies, series and that doesn't work properly. Anytime you have a problem with this post in the forum or message me and I'll make the profile page for that one, at least until the automatic upload is fixed.


11 Nov 2010, 18:32
Thank you 😊

Martin  Webmaster

28 Nov 2010, 14:13
It should work fine again 😊


28 Nov 2010, 16:07
Thanks to you too 😊

Carlito  VIP

24 Aug 2012, 03:40
The Victim (1917)

The correct title and imdb # is

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988)


Komond  Admin

24 Aug 2012, 07:33
Thx, I missed that one, it's correct now 😉
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