How many moderators does this site have?

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4 Oct 2020, 10:57

What do you do, approve 6 stills as Yaut normally does?


4 Oct 2020, 23:59
People are getting fed up with the lack of moderation on this website, the fact that none of the moderators replied to this message sends a powerful message about how committed they are.


5 Oct 2020, 00:36
I proved my point.

michaella92 Moderator

5 Oct 2020, 02:35
Please refer to my response on your other post - same subject matter, you just used a slightly different tone:

"Firstly, there is no need to curse. Secondly, we approve all of your uploads within hours and in many cases, minutes. I personally approve many of your uploads only minutes after you upload since I'm well aware of how vocal you are. It's actually unfair to the rest of the users but not even that seems to please you. And lastly, as been explained multiple times, moderators are free to volunteer their time however they choose. Some mods grow tired of having no gratitude for all their hard work, time, and energy only to hear nothing but complains. I wonder why? If you don't like the special minute turnaround time for approvals, you're always welcome not use MovieStillsDB. Have a good day!"

You got your answer. 

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