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7 Jun 2010, 04:38
I'm just curious where does it show up when looking at a photo that it's tagged? Secondly, I'd like to see a "tagged photo" option available, just like the option to tag people after they were being uploaded. Lastly, I'd like to see an addition to the rollover info of a photo, in addition to the dimensions of the photo - something like a 'T' or something to indicate a tagged photo.

Komond  Admin

8 Jun 2010, 00:40
Hi. I'm a moderator and I'm not exactly sure what information is just for us or for everyone, but we have the option to block pictures tagging once we see the picture is done. What I mean is the information about if a picture is or not fully tagged is already saved somewhere. I guess it wouldn't be difficult to show it if that can help users some way. Just part of the pictures are fully tagged and don't have that block, as that option was not since the very first moment, but it was not too long when added, so just a few are incorrectly unblocked, it would be quite accurate.

That could help to find those that aren't, and at least for mods would be great. I wanted some feature to search for untagged pictures too, but well, it may not be one of the priorities right now. Maybe some of the options you say are not that difficult and could be done.

In this case, Martin is the one that could know better what could be done. Surely he will came around here and have a better answer and solution. The idea to make that and some other things visible are good, I would like some other for the watermarks for example, as that could help to find them and change for one without the watermark.

Thx for the suggestion 😛
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