I can't upload images anymore

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at 7 Sep 2019, 16:35

Sometimes I manage to get 10 images uploaded, but then, when I want to upload more I get the message:  "Oeps, looks like something went wrong".  Most of the time I get this message right away.  What is happening.  What can I do to get this back on track?  I have many great images ready for upload... 

Moderator michaella92 

at 7 Sep 2019, 17:34

You'll receive that error message when you upload too many large files (not image size but file size as in MB). The file size will determine how many images you can upload at a time. For instance, if the file size is 6-7MB, I can only upload 4-5 images at a time while if the file size is around 2MB, I can upload around 10 files at a time. It all depends on the file size. 


at 8 Sep 2019, 16:45

O.k. Thanks for the heads up!


at 11 Sep 2019, 19:13

michaella92,  can it be some other problem?  I just uploaded 3 images. they went through.  then I tried 4 other images and I get the same error info after a minute...  what could be the problem???

Moderator michaella92 

at 12 Sep 2019, 13:20

Uploading 3 at a time worked but 4 at a time doesn't? Or was there an issue with the 4 different images? If it's that you can only upload 3 files at a time not 4, most likely your files are large and the database can only handle so many large files in an upload session. 
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