Account Problems

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11 Aug 2019, 18:01

My account has been plagued by issues for the last day. Last night I lost the ability to upload new stills. I was only able to successful upload one image this morning, after some of my successful uploads from yesterday were confirmed. All other attempts after that have failed. All failed uploads have resulted in the error message below. Additionally, now when I try to download new images, the download fails saying the file is 'incomplete', which I don't buy. I have also tried to redownload other images that I first downloaded a few days ago, and those also fail, so that suggests an issue not related to any particular still. 

michaella92 Moderator

11 Aug 2019, 23:47

Hi! I believe the error was corrected. Please try again. If the issues preist, please contact for tech support. 


12 Aug 2019, 03:16
Thanks for the feedback, there error does appear to be corrected now.
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