What is going on?

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4 Apr 2019, 03:29
We recently had a delay of at least 36 hours before ordinary contributor's stills were approved (the only things approved were Mods own stills), we used to have 3 or 4 approval sessions per day and now it's down to one or none in some cases, sorry to sound like a whiny bitch but this website as someone else said recently has gone downhill in it's standards please sort this out.

michaella92  Moderator

4 Apr 2019, 15:32
We are waiting to hear back from Martin on adding new mods. Average moderation turnaround is still 24-48 hours. I recently took a promotion at work and will no longer be able to contribute as much time as I did to this site. As soon as I took the promotion, I did the responsible thing and email Martin to add new mods and offered to train the new additions. Haven't heard back yet but will follow up with an email later today after the NY stock market closes at 4PM EST. Please bear with us. We are doing our best and as I recently mentioned on another thread mods volunteer their time and they can volunteer their time in all forms including uploading. 
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