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nadaone  VIP

20 Nov 2008, 00:08
Hm why im cant only Upload 10 pictures in 2 Hrs. Work im to hard lol im have over 20000 pictures on my Harddisc👍so when this is the time im finish in 4 years hehe

greets Nadaone

Nice Site

Komond  Admin

20 Nov 2008, 22:57
10 pictures in 2 hours? Approving them I would understand it, but as you are a mod now it shouldn't take that long 😕


22 Nov 2008, 02:16
"Warning! Warning!
You have reached your upload limit. Please wait till your uploads get moderated, after that you can upload again."

I have a lot of pics to upload...

Komond  Admin

22 Nov 2008, 15:28
Yeah, xpr_eito, I know, but we don't have moderators to approve 100% of the time, so sometimes it could take longer. By the way, and that's for all, if you all tag pictures I swear the system would go faster and wouldn't appear this "stop" so many times.
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