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Multiple Actors with Same Name #2 - Rachel Roberts

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intheheat247  at 3 Jan 2018, 23:25

There are multiple actresses named Rachel Roberts.  These images are incorrectly attributed to Rachel Roberts (III), born 1979 in IMDB but belong to Rachel Roberts (I), Born 1927 in IMDB.  Same issue as with Mike Henry.

These belong to Rachel Roberts I, not III.

intheheat247  at 4 Jan 2018, 01:53

Also there is a typo on the header for the corrections page.  Erreneous is misspelled -- it should be erroneous.


If you have seen erreneous data somewhere please let us know here.

intheheat247  at 5 Jan 2018, 01:23

Likewise, there is a typo in the header when uploading pictures.  Successfully is misspelled.

Uploaded pictures

The following pictures were succesfully saved. One of our moderators will look at them shortly.

Moderator Yaut  at 5 Jan 2018, 07:25

Rachel Roberts saved as "Rachel Roberts I"

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